Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I love her :)

Its been a while since my last post, I'd been so busy and even didn't have much time to read blogs. How's everyone. I am hoping you guys are doing fine. I'm wishing you'll have a Merry Christmas this year.

I even miss grabbing samples from a sampling site, SAMPLEROOM. Ohhh, they have this Christmas giveaway that you can win a gift for someone ^_^ You can check their site for more info.

If I were given a bag full of beautiful products from sampleroom, I will give it to my auntie. She's Ms. Irene Reyes, sister of my mother. 


.. is a bread winner
.. is single
.. is a sister
.. is a daughter
.. is an OFW
.. loves God
.. has given us so much love
and its  unconditional..
♥ ♥ ♥

I think she deserves gift not only this Christmas but everyday of her life -- how I wish I can really do that to thank her for everything , everyday. She is still single, and she said she's in love with God. Whenever I talked to her, she nurtures me with word of God and I love it when she does that.. She's not only beautiful but she have a beautiful soul. She'd been a Domestic helper since 1992 in Singapore, Taiwan and Hongkong. She even helped her siblings (including my mom) whenever they need financial matters (even there's no assurance that it will be paid) , for livelihood, even sends their children to school (including me, that's why I'm in a private school during high school). I'm just worried that she's too kind and she trusts people easily. She even lends money even she don't know when will it be paid. I always wonder, how can I be like her -- I think I can never be like her, so kind.. She didn't even had a chance to invest for herself, for those years that she had worked abroad. 

This year, we were surprised that she just went home from Hongkong, I believe she had a bad employer but she didn't show a tear. I believe she's strong because she believes and loves God so much. Until now, she's working here in Philippines and still taking care of my grand mother and even caring for us. I'm sad that she doesn't have a family of her own but I know a lot of us will take care of her as she grows old. If I can only be like her, but I can't be.. we're different.. but I love her sooo much.

She's not only an auntie, but she treats you as her own daughter/son. 
She's not only a sister, but a friend. 
She's not only a friend, but she'll let you feel you're a family. 

Believe me or not,
She loves unconditionally..
I love you Tita I!

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