Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dare to go Sexy on Nude?

I am wearing my pinkish nude lipstick here.

Are you tired of looking sick with your nude lippies? Are you having dry lips because of your lipstick? I found my nude sheer lipsticks that has Vitamin E and I grabbed it from Sampleroom.

Full Size: 4g
Price: 330 PHP
A luxurious sheer lipstick that wraps lips with conditioning color. Infused with Vitamin E and protective sunscreen to soften lips, smoothen lines and prevent chapping.

To use:
Apply color. Wait five minute for color to set.

Oily food will rub off color.

Greetings soldier! Meet the guerrilla in nude sheer.
Grab from my Instagram

Without flash

What I like:

♥ It has vitamin E so say No to dry lips.

♥ It doesn't make me look sick like other nude lipstick that I tried.

♥ My lips feel smoother and softer.

♥ Its not sticky.

♥ Good for everyday wear, since it looks soo natural.

♥ It glides well unto my lips.

♥ I'm in love with the color.

♥ Worth repurchasing !

What I dislike:

♥ I am someone who usually swallow lipstick that I am wearing, and I didn't like how it taste haha :D

I was really excited to do my fotd, motd and lotd. So I did an smokey eye makeup with this pinkish nude sheer.
Smokey sexy eyes plus Pinkish Nude Sheer goes well together :)

I also tried taking picture indoors w/o flash, & look how sexy it looks with smoke eyes & the color still stand out!

For this image, I don't have other source of lighting, aside from my fluorescent tube lamp.

Now, I dare you to go Sexy on Nude♥

Colour Collections can be purchase through Tupperware Brands Philippines. And if you also want to try samples from Sampleroom, feel free to leave your email down below so I can invite you to join :)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reblogged ♥ Rainy Madness Collab Giveaway!

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Giveaway runs from July 22, to September 16,2013
ONE (1) winner will be announced every TWO (2) weeks for a total of FOUR (4) winners

Good Luck,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Physiogel Intensive Cream : A Miraculous Cream?

Are you someone who is suffering from very dry, irritated and sensitive skin? I had found my solution with my very dry skin and I am so happy to have this product.

Luckily, I grab a sample of Physiogel Intensive Cream from Sampleroom and all I have to do is pay for the shipping fee and delivered last July 8, 2013 so I'd been using it for 2 weeks.

Full Size: 50 ml
Price: Php 574.50

Physiogel Intensive Cream contains high level of natural lipids to hydrate moderately dry to very dry irritated and sensitive skin. 

Apply a thin film once or twice daily. 

I am really excited to try this product, it has been a couple of years since I am suffering from a dry skin on the side area of my foot near my ankle, actually both of foot have the same problem. The texture was really dry and really looks scaly , and I am really hating it a lot. I have tried several creams but they didn't work.

Right foot
Before using Physiogel Intensive Cream

I am really amazed when on the first day I tried this cream. I applied a thin layer at 4pm and checked on it by 8pm. I was surprised that when I tried to rubbed (or should I say scrubbed) it, I noticed that there are some layers of dry skin peeled off. My skin was renew, its even softer than before and even fairer. I can't really wait what else can this cream do until today I notice a big change.

A picture of the dry area after 1 and 2 weeks of using this cream.

Actual picture, after using this cream for 2 weeks.

I can really say that it does a lot to my skin problem. A big WOW for this product, such a miracle. Though it might be a bit pricey, I can really say that its worth to buy. 
BTW, I am also using it to my face as a moisturizer. Now, it feels softer and healthier.

Goodbye to dry and scaly skin :)

Thanks to Physiogel Intensive Cream.
And Special thanks to Sampleroom !