Monday, August 19, 2013

Its a Refreshing Start!

      Blogging is a hobby for me, I feel so happy whenever I blog. I never expect that I can be rewarded with this hobby. I won a Moringa O2's gift pack plus a Refreshing Spa Package at The Spa from a contest from Sampleroom.

Gift Pack includes toner,soap, and lotion♥

        I was really excited since I haven't try The Spa's services before. I meet Ms. Joan Quejada of Moringa-O2's Marketing Department to claim my prizes. She is pretty, nice and very accommodating. So after I claimed my prizes, I headed to Trinoma and book my appointment on August 14, 2013 at 2pm.

       Refreshing Start Package♥ The ultimate renewal from head to toe. 2h 45min. Aroma Facial or Aroma Scalp and Shoulder Massage + choice of Classic Massage + choice of Foot Care Deluxe 1950 | Executive 2150 | Suite/Villa 3000

I chose Aroma Facial, Peppermint Foot Rub and Swedish Massage. I feel so excited as I headed inside and I was given a locker key. They got a dim light and a very relaxing ambiance. They have this wonderful wash area (img 2) that was embedded with stones. I was approached by one of their employee, and was given a bathrobe, rubber slipper, and a towel. Their theme is probably Ancient Roman, I really love their shower room -- makes me feel like I am a Goddess while I'm showering, hehe. After I showered, I was given a cup of ginger tea and headed to a tent-like room with 3 seats. I love the lighting (img 1), it feels like the old times and the silence was really relaxing. 

img 1                                                      img 2
Lamp as the whole lighting source            Wash area with embedded stones

         While drinking my cup of ginger tea, my feet was soak in a wooden basil filled with warm water to get ready for the foot rub. The therapist talk sweetly and another therapist came in for the facial. I needed to lay down while having the foot rub and facial at same time. My feet was not only scrub but also massage up to my legs. Aroma Facial's pricking didn't hurt that much, they're more on massage which is also up to your shoulders. I love the minty feeling for both my feet and face while they massaged it.  That was the most relaxing feeling ever! How I wish it can be done everyday!

Cup of ginger tea, I want more... 

Afterwards, I headed to a bigger tent which they call their deluxe room for my Swedish massage. Honestly, its my first time to try it. The ambiance is really relaxing plus a nature sound they added as a background music. I was about to chose the Combination massage but I was told that Swedish was better, and yes, I think its the best massage ever! I almost fell asleep, like I don't want my massage to end. It was very satisfying, relaxing and what you paid for was really worth it.

After my massage, I asked if I can still shower and my therapist told me to shower for 5 mins after I drink my tea. Their tea was really good, I never liked tea but when I had it theirs, my taste buds feels addicted with it. After I showered, I fixed myself and headed to their vanity area. I felt a bit sad that my package has ended already, I still want more.. haha !

Vanity area

It's me at the vanity area after the refreshing start package.

My experience at the Spa - Trinoma was really awesome. I can't find a word to describe it but I'll surely treasure this experience. I am looking forward to get another service from them. 

Thank you The Spa
for an amazing experience!

Thank you very much to 


Rochelle Rivera said...

Wow! Congratulations ♥ Welcome to the blogging world. I agree you will love it with a lot of great benefits including meeting new friends and many more! Hope to see you soon.

Jo-an Victorio said...

Awww♥ Thank you Ms Rochelle.
I'm looking forward to see you too!
A lot of bloggers like you inspires me♥

Aya said...

Congratulations!! I'm glad you enjoyed your spa session! :D

Jo-an Victorio said...

Thank you Ms. Aya♥

Beauty by Tellie said...

CONGRATS! In the meantime, this made me want to build my future bathroom in The Spa style.

Gen-zel said...

Congrats dear for winning! <3 Now I miss going to spas for relaxation. By the way, I love the vintage effects on the photos :)

Jo-an Victorio said...

Thank you <3
My phone doesn't have flash so I just did some effects instead.
So the pictures look vintage lol

Jo-an Victorio said...

Thank you!
If that so, I cant wait to see your future bathroom soon.
Hope you'll share it in your blog hehe